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Market data is a single space, and business processes. Market stores all data and integrates all the necessary tools for daily tasks of each of your employees - sales managers, purchasing managers, logisticians, accountants and managers in one place.


Market is mobility and accessibility. You do not need to install any special software, you can work from any computer anywhere in the world to unite in a single tool to your affiliates and employees around the world - because it is easy to Market!


Market is to manage and control. Due to the fact that all those responsible for the functions defined access types, all actions are recorded and the information is stored in one place, MARKET provides transparency workflows, helps managers to evaluate the activity and efficiency of the staff, control the execution of tasks and a subordinate - do not allow violations. Due to the head of the Market will have a constant access to a variety of statistical data needed for operational and strategic management of the company and can be accessed in one click."


Market is convenience: it contains a complete set of tools for collaboration and automating business processes. Cards counterparty requests, orders, offers, quotes, warehouses, barcodes and logistics, payment and account analytics and statistics - the market has unique tools for complete processing cycle and storage of business information - in a comfortable and modern interface. Information ceases to be the private property of the employee and becomes an asset management company.


Market is security. Because employees are offered different types of accesses and roles, depending on the job, so that they receive exactly necessary for the amount of information and functional opportunities. No need to worry that an inexperienced employee does something wrong in the system - level of access defines the level of its capabilities. Storing the history of data change, the protection of accounts over IP, encryption of data - all this makes the Market for safe tool that does not need to worry.


Let's see how MARKET helps in the most important task of a commercial organization that makes a profit - sales management.

The first problem to be solved by the market - accounting for all potential customers and the preferences of your regular customers.

For managers, the MARKET facilitate the daily routine tasks thanks to their automation and a number of useful functions. For example, when re-introduction of the previously requested position, the system instantly returns all previously received offers or will offer partners that can be uploaded into the system. Thus, the customer can be given an offer very quickly.

Similarly MARKET gives ample opportunities for staff from other areas. Purchasing Manager can filter requests to separate them between suppliers or to find not processed. See the mark on the customer and set their priorities for the determination. Monitor the delivery by using the delivery date waiting. Keep statistics on their suppliers. A supervisor will receive data on the speed and the number of quotes each employee profit which brought its suppliers.

Once sales managers and procurement can maximize simplify your work by connecting its customers and suppliers directly to the market, so that they themselves have made requests and proposals received, will only receive orders

Data from a logistics manager and accountant will complete picture so that in the end of each order will be visible in Market

  • When he entered, and from whom. What is the history of working with this client and what requirements he is now.
  • When and by whom were given quotations, and complete information on them.
  • When given the price offer to the client, on the basis of which that decision will be made about the order.When and by whom were given senten
  • When I was billed to the client, any agreed payment terms, and when the money was received.
  • When the order was placed to the supplier when he was paid when he should arrive at the warehouse.
  • Marks with the acceptance of the quality and quantity of the goods.
  • When the goods have been dispatched, some carrier when received.
  • What is the salary of the employees has been received for this transaction.